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At Woodsman Lux™, we are always on the look out for excellent drivers who want to drive full time or even part-time. You can drive anywhere from 20 hours a week to 40 hours or more depending on your availability.

We would love to have you join us in providing unforgettable experiences to our clients.
We are especially excite to have drivers with some level of experience in commercial driving, driving for hire services like Uber, Lyft, Black Car or Limousine.

Drivers in the Gig Economy as well as drivers who work as contractors for Black Car or Limousine companies would find working with us to much more rewarding relative to driving Uber and/or Lyft on their own or even contracting for big corporations. How so? Consider the following points, at Woodsman Lux™:

  • We provide high-end vehicles with state-of-the-art safety and comfort features.
  • We pay for gas and vehicle maintenance
  • We genuinely care about our drivers as individuals and not numbers on a balance sheet
  • At $0.60 per mile vehicle lease, there is no limit on how much drivers can earn

High-end vehicles

We provide truly high-end vehicles for our clients not a cheap compromise. If you love driving, you would enjoy our German-made E-Class fleet.

No limit income

As a professional your paycheck should reflect your good work. Thus, with Woodsman Lux™, there is no limit to your potential & how much you could earn.

High-value clients

As drivers, nothing beats having a client that shows respect and appreciates your professionalism. Our high value clients makes working feel like fun.

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Make $600 or more weekly

Make $600 or more every week driving with Woodsman Lux™. How? By working smart not hard.

Firstly, all our vehicles are eligible for Uber Black and Uber Comfort so you get to drive less for more income, which is smart.

Secondly, we bill you 60 cents for every mile you drive. This includes car maintenance, commercial liability insurance and even gas. So once you deduct your $0.60/mile cost from your total revenue, your get your take-home which could easily be $600+ each week

In addition, our drivers are independent and so enjoy the freedom to work whenever and wherever they want. You may work full-time or part-time depending on their availability through-out the week. There is a 4-hour shift cycle to pickup or drop-off vehicles:

  • Dawn shift 5am - 9am
  • Morning shift 9am - 1pm
  • Afternoon shift 1pm - 5pm
  • Evening shift 5pm - 9pm
  • Night shift 9pm - 1am

At Woodman Lux™, drivers are responsible for the vehicles in their charge during their work shift, ensuring vehicles are returned in good condition. Remember, drivers do not have to top up gas on returning vehicles after a shift.

Working with us

Out of concern for the quality of service and safety of our clients and business reputation, Woodsman Lux™ places a lot of care into our drivers and vehicle leasing processes. Here are the minimum requirements and recommendations:

Fit and strong

Should be fit and strong. Able to lift 20lb guest luggage and baggage

Background check

No traffic violation in past 3 years and No criminal conviction in past 8 years

Driving experience

Should have at least 3 years of professional driving experience

Work permit

At lest 21 years old with valid work permit and would not require work visa sponsorship

Tech savvy

Experienced in using mobile app technology. Show basic understanding of Google Maps, Uber, Lyft or Woodsman Lux driver apps

Good appearance

Good appearance, excellent personal hygiene and grooming. Able to dress in business casual at all times

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Drive our high-value clients in our high-end vehicles with state of the art performance and safety features.

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Wheelchair accessible vehicles available upon request. Please call to check availability.

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