Enjoy same rates
Anywhere in Dallas-Fort Worth

At Woodsman Lux™, we just want to make transport easy, enjoyable and comfortable. Enjoy same rates for pickups and drop-offs anywhere within the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

Woodsman Lux™ is licensed by the City of Dallas' Department of Aviation to operate across the over 219 towns and cities within the metroplex.

Take advantage of our occasional promos on special Airport Pickups and Drop-offs. Ask drivers about promo seasons or check your Woodsman Lux™ mobile app for updates.

Eligible Cities are Irving, Euless, Dallas (Business District, Oak Lawn, North Dallas, University Park, NorthWest Dallas, Highland Park), Grapevine, Farmers Branch, Coppell, Colleyville, Bedford.


Our standard pay-as-you-go pricing model is made up individual price components that come together to form the final billing price.

Note that, some of the components have $0 charges. This means that Woodsman Lux™ considers these components to be nuisance charges and do not bill you for them.

Also, tipping is absolutely optional and does not serve as our primary means of showing appreciation. On the contrary, both Woodsman Lux™ management and drivers believe that returning to book your next trip on our app is the ultimate indication of your appreciation for our services and a badge of honor to our drivers.

Here is a breakdown of all components that sum up the total charge for a trip.

Base Charge


Minimum cost of a trip if sum of tolls, charge by miles and charge by minute is less than base charge.

Tolls & Surcharges


Customers bear the cost of all tolls as well as clean-up surcharges where applicable.

Charge per mile


Cost of ride per mile. Does not include mileage to pickup.

Charge per minute


Cost of ride per minute. Calculated using actual travel time. Does not include waiting time and stops

Booking fee


There are no booking fees or hidden charges. No one should pay to be a good customer



All tips for good service and excellent driving goes to our drivers

Cancellation fee

Base Charge

This is the same as the Base Charge. Cancel trip for free within 5 minutes of booking

Service fee


A percentage of your final Fare charged to support operations and drivers

Membership fee


A monthly or annual fee charged for being a customers. Its ridiculous, we know.

Lux Miles™
All you need to know

What is it?
Lux Miles simply stand for luxury mileage and is a Woodsman Lux™ program for returning customers with a need to ride regularly. Let's take some time to dive deep into this program and see how it works.

How does it work?
With Lux Miles™, you are able to buy travel miles at a fixed rate, say $3.49 per mile. Once you purchase your miles, you are able to use it to pay for a booking during checkout.
Lux Miles™ covers all ride cost components except surcharges for cleaning or damages(where applicable). Lux Miles™ purchase orders start from 50 miles up to 500 miles. Business owners and managers are also able to buy travel miles on behalf of their team members.

Limitations: Unused miles expire 90 days from the purchase date. However, if you top-up your available miles, expiry date for remaining miles including the top-up resets to 90 days from the top-up date.

Who is eligible? Every rider qualifies for the Lux Miles™ program especially frequent riders who take:

Short distance trips

Daily work commute

Pay for only the miles you travel with no base or minimum charge. If you need to make a short trips regularly, why not use Lux Miles™.

High traffic commute

Rush-hour and downtown commutes

Save on travel time charges with Lux Miles™ especially when you commute route takes you through high traffic areas.

Frequent travellers

Airport/Hotel pickups

With our personalized ride experience, when not have your driver wait on you at no extra cost. Feel comfortable, taste freedom.


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Wheelchair accessible vehicles available upon request. Please call to check availability.

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